Mums,girlfriends,friends,sisters,daughters who don’t know what they’re doing.

If you are one of those mentioned above,then this blog is for you. Mainly I am a mum of a 1 year old cheeky girl. Nurse turned into a preschool educator. Educated in a third world country and now educating young bright minds in a first world country.

Join me as I discover the ups and downs of being a human being and my journey to find meaning and practical tips and solutions to everyday problems in life and find the positivity in negative situations.I will also show some insights about Australia and still look back in my roots.Philippines! How I love both countries!❤❤❤

Mainly this will be about:


Activities to do with your child/ren

Food. Food. Food.

Life Hacks



Being sustainable

Feelings about being a mum and the never ending fails and triumphs!


Stay tuned for the fun and comical cartoons that will be posted in this blog. With the help of my in house talented artist @bianx . Hope you will follow her as well.

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