WaterMark_2018-03-17-00-59-45SIMPLE TWEAK: Freeze coloured water with one colour, then add the other coloured water on top of the frozen one. As simple as that!

The result was stunning. The two tone effect was an eye candy for the children. Because the dye was in powdered form, there is an area where the ice is just in clear form. It is so amazing how the children played with it.

There are a lot of child initiated play and ideas, but you as educators or parents can ask a few questions or you can do an educator assisted activities. Here are some variety of things that the children had come up with. First of all, they loved playing with water and cold ice this hot weather. They were so amazed how there is two colour of ice.

This is a good idea if your curriculum is about shapes, numbers, colours (especially colour mixing or secondary colours) or if you are simply going to introduce sensory activities to your students or kids. Or if you just simply want to enjoy with your kids with style! Just be ready to clean up and have your hands dyed!


Some children stacked them up together and tried to balance them carefully.
Matching colours with blocks
Building their superheroes’ headquarters

Grouping the blocks according to colour/ Making patterns

Making shapes according to the ice’s shape and colour
TIP: you can direct the children to think of conceot as well. You can direct their learning if you need too!
For more tips and activity requests please feel free to leave a reply or email us.

Another example of colour /shape pattern

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