Activities based from a book: Little cloud by Eric Carle

For this book I have nothing but praises. This book is very simple and easy to read and it opens the children’s curiosity about clouds. After reading this book, you can extend learning by doing these things that I can show you in this blog. I will also give more activity suggestions if you want to extend it further and further.

1. Drawing/painting clouds

We used the book as a reference for the painting. Using light blue construction paper that represented the sky, our children drew clouds with white crayon then painted it . The paint we used was only a DIY puffy paint using white water based paint and shaving cream and a bit of pva glue.

2. We went outdoors and painted our own cloud. What the children can see form outside.

3. We made rain in a jar and talked about the clouds and the rain . It was really mesmerizing to look at the blue dye falling down from the “clouds”

4. Shaving cream and blocks sensory play.

The children confidently made their own clouds. The even made block castles on top of the clouds. With the information and the ideas the children are feeding you,you can think of ways to extend their ideas! I’ll give you examples.

  • If a child says she wants to see how the rainclouds get heavy, you can extend it with video clips about rainclouds. Just make sure it is the children/educational version.
  • If a child says there is a castle on top of the clouds , ask if she/he knows a story about that. You can read a story like Jack and the beanstalk or make your own story!

Always make sure that you listen to the children, include their ideas in your extension of learning. 😊

Happy cloud gazing!

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